Strategic  Thinking introduces  an  innovative,  new  way  of  thinking  and  approach  for  the  troubling  business problems  and challenges  so many  leaders  are  up  against  today.  This  training unpacks  the  skills,  attitudes, traits  and  behaviours  you  need  to  think  critically,  find  new  answers,  and  uncover  new  opportunities  and make better decisions.

This  programme utilises  Strategy  360,  a  strategic  crisis  management framework  that  has  been  used  worldwide and which have proven so  successful  that  they  have  resulted  in  billions  of  dollars  in  benefits  to clients worldwide.

Program Objectives

Our 3 day Strategic Thinking workshop focuses on the essential elements of strategic thinking and shows you how to think strategically every day in your managerial roles. It helps you to develop strategic insights, define a strategic vision and create new strategic ideas, with a clear  trajectory  towards  achieving  your  corporate  and  business  goals seamlessly. It will enable you to become a much-valued strategic leader and advisor.


Upon completion of the programme, you will rediscover:-

  • Purpose
  • People
  • Productivity
  • Progress


You will be able to more effectively navigate the turbulent economy in ways not taught in MBA or traditional strategic thinking programmes.

Delivery Methodology

The 3 day workshop is based on three charters i.e. Purpose, People, and Progress.  Within each of these components are a total of seven Profitable key leadership principles. They are the building blocks of success in your management team.


You will learn state of the art field proven successful business and frameworks that you can now apply to improve your business and own leadership capabilities to be a forward thinker to succeed in today’s competitive world.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals  and  teams  who  want  to  learn  how  to  think  more  strategically  on  how  to  align  their  personal values, vision, and mission to that of the organisation.



Participants have the option to progress  further  to  obtain  the  professional  certification  “Certified  Strategic Advisor” from the Institute for Leadership & Strategy, USA.

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