In fiercely competitive markets where products and services are similar, putting the customer first is a sensible sustainable strategy. Satisfied customers become our evangelist and champion. Most businesses intend to provide good quality service & delivery but in reality this is not easy to achieve in practice.

This intensive 2-day power packed Customer Relationship Strategic Management (CRSM) programme provides the framework for relevant customer engagement through the lens of customer relationship management.  It provides strategies to approach engagement with a clearer view of how and who to engage, with what, where and when – throughout the customer’s journey – from initial contact to retention.

The programme provides guidance on setting a vision and purpose for CRSM, tools for the development of an insightful collaborative CRSM strategy and the basis for building and delivering effective CRSM plans.  It also incorporates guidance on the use of data and technology to grease the wheels of CRSM.

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