Business acumen is the ability to make sound business decisions by combining several factors to arrive at the best outcome for a given situation. According to the Financial Times, business acumen is the “keenness and speed in understanding and deciding on a business situation”.

The current business climate has executives seeking more employees with a broader range of business expertise. The constant wave of disruption from start-ups and advances in technology is wreaking havoc with just about every industry. Corporate leaders report they need people – at all levels — adept at comprehending, valuing, and contributing to strategic initiatives and systematic improvements.

Leaders want managers to focus on the big picture of the business, cultivate relationships across the culture, and contribute to the advancement of the firm’s goals. It is no longer acceptable to be just a functional expert. Future leaders and managers must be corporate experts.

To contribute most effectively to the company’s financial and strategic goals, you need to be able to view the business of the company from many vantage points. Having Business Acumen will provide you with the big picture that helps you think strategically and make data-driven decisions, all while keeping the numbers in mind and your teams engaged. An added benefit is that building up your business acumen generally leads to success in your career.

It’s no wonder people recognized as having good business acumen are considered exceptional talents, and even revered in their field. Examples of business acumen in action can be seen in business leaders such as Lee Iacocca, Steve Jobs, and now Elon Musk!


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply the dimensions of business acumen that focus on people, processes, projects, and products so that everyone sees the “big picture of business”
  • Make stronger decisions think strategically, and decide with data
  • Incorporate marketing, finance, strategy, and performance management into your professional mindset
  • Develop a model for how to effectively communicate with, and influence others
  • Understand complex situations, evaluate facts and data, and make better decisions
  • Create a purposeful career and professional development strategy

Who Should Attend

Business acumen matters to everyone at an organization who wants to succeed in their career. Ideally for managers, team leaders, executives, and talent pool.


2-8 Days.
* According to number of modules which can be tailored according to your business needs.

International Certification

Candidates will be awarded a Certificate from the Business Acumen Institute (BAI). This programme is the only trademarked certification by BAI.

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