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Featured Course - Certified Professional Manager™

(The only trademark program by CCPC)


A professional certification prepares you to take on higher-level job responsibilities, improves your current managerial performance, helps you develop a holistic helicopter like view of management and enables you to innovate, communicate, lead with passion, acquire strategic thinking and forward planning skills and be productive and effective to your organisation.

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You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket. We graduates are grateful to the Canadian Council of Professional Certification, the British Institute of Resources Development, IGM Academy for putting this unique course together.

~ Certified Professional Manager Course

Jo Wong , Tiong Nam
All the five core subjects we were taught during the programme are very practical and help us a lot. Also, what we learned in areas of leadership, innovation and project management have helped me to become a better manager.

~ Certified Professional Manager Course

En. Hamizal, UMW Industries
More people need to learn what we learned to make positive changes their organisation, so I urge HRDF to get more people to attend the programme, as an organisation’s success requires all its people to think on the same wavelength.

~ Certified Professional Manager Course

Mr. Devan Viknasevaran, Proton Edar
As Philip Cosby has said, “Nothing is consistent in life but change is”, whilst Newgent said “A person who graduates and stops learning is uneducated the day after.

~ Certified Professional Manager Course

Avinder Maur, CIMB Investment Bank
After having completed the course, I am much more confident in the skills of management and I gained much valuable knowledge both in the management and empowerment of staff.

~ Certified Professional Manager Course

Dayang Reta bte Abdullah, Red Crescent, Miri
The certified manager programme was one of the best I have ever attended and will definitely help me in my future career and it definitely has changed the way I do things.

~ Certified Professional Manager Course

Andreson Mac David, Asst. Mechanical Manager, Daiken Miri SDN. BHD.

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